What’s Going On At The 84 Lumber Site On Rt. 40?

Sign Of The Times!

Sign Of The Times!

The 84 Lumber site in Ellicott City was a fixture for our Route 40 landscape for years.  I used to shop there and the guys that worked here were a nice group of boys. However; you knew that the clock was clicking on this company. With building crawling to a slow halt and competition from both the Clarks’ ACE Hardware and Home Depot, you knew it was just a matter of time. When they tore down the shell and left a large vacant pad, how many of you thought, “Gee. It would be great to see a  ____________  built there.” ?  My first thought was, “PLEASE! Not another fast food joint!” Well, maybe except for Chick-fil-A.

I recently got off the phone with Patti Reynolds, Executive VP of Compass Real Estate.  Patti informed me that a new retail shopping center will be constructed at the site called Centennial Crossing. Patti says, “This retail center will offer a combination of services and restaurants serving the growing affluent community of Ellicott City. I am confident that this center will enhance the changing streetscape on Route 40.”84 Lumber Site

In a previous article where I wrote about the Forest Diner site, Centennial Crossing is the new look the local officials are striving to create on Route 40.  Some may think that it is a difficult time to open a new business in this challenging economic time, however; the future does look bright for our area. Maybe not in the short term, but it is looking up.  After all, we are #2 in the nation!

Centennial Crossing


Please respond to this blog and let me know what you would like to see in this shopping center. As for me (besides Chick-fil-A), I would love to see a place where they serve real good fresh salads. I am cutting down on the carbs this year.


Patti Reynolds has been Compass Real Estate’s company Executive Vice President since its inception. She has worked in the commercial real estate business for over 25 years, bringing quality and personal service to local, regional and national businesses. To get more information on Compass Real Estate, call Patti Reynolds at 410-531-4809 or visit her site at www.CRE360.com.

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