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Another Successful Home Buyer Seminar!

This past Wednesday, Denise Grove and Chris Weymouth of the Weymouth Group welcomed Tom Hortskamp of 1st Mariner Mortgage and Sue Medicus from
Liberty Tax to the Weymouth Group’s Home Buyer Seminar sponsored by  This seminar highlighted the benefits of buying over renting including the tax benefits of ownership. “I can’t emphasize more how low interest rates are today,” said Tom Horstkamp, Senior Loan Officer, 1st Mariner Mortgage. “If you have any doubt about you viability to buy, I would suggest to that person to meet with a loan specialist and review your qualifications. You might be very pleasantly surprised.”

With rates being so low, there are many cases where your rent payment is higher than  a mortgage payment and that doesn’t even figure in the tax write off for the interest paid on the mortage payment. “Home-ownership comes with various tax advantages that can save you thousands of  dollars per year in comparison to renting. When most renters review the tax  write-offs that they can claim with home-ownership and compare that to the money  they are losing on rent payments each month, they will typically experience a  wake-up call on why home-ownership comes with substantial advantages.” says Shauna Zamarripa a nationally syndicated journalist/columnist.

For more information on buying vs. renting, call Chris Weymouth today and he will arrange your exclusive consultation with 1st Mariner Mortgage, as well as a tax advisor for FREE and with no obligation. This is where 15 minutes will save you a lot more than a couple of hundred dollars: It could save you THOUSANDS!!

About Chris Weymouth & The Weymouth Group, LLC:

Chris Weymouth, Director, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, CLHMS and Debbie Weymouth, Manager, have marketed and sold over 4000 homes in Maryland since 1983. Expertly trained and award winning agents, they are leaders for The Weymouth Group at Keller Williams that has been recognized by their peers as one of the best in the business. Chris Weymouth is ranked in the top 1% in Howard County and Maryland. Serving Central Maryland and all our friends and family for almost 25 years.  You can reach Chris at 443-280-1922 or email at Visit our site at