Your First Home by Madi and Denise

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By Madi Jackson and Denise Grove REALTORS, The Weymouth Group

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Looky Here! You are in the market to buy your first home and WaLAA!   You found it!  A perfect floor plan to suit all of your needs.  It’s located right in the middle of your own personal oasis.  The commute to work is convenient. What more could you ask for?  You have now convinced yourself that this is the house for you.  You decide to take the plunge into homeownership. But FIRST…You need to get your TEAM together to make this process go smoothly and you want them experienced! So you ask your friend or family member to recommend a lender and Realtor and start your journey to home ownership.  Wait a minute. You shop accountants, right? You interview lawyers. You even vetted your hairdresser.  What about shopping around a bit more for an experienced Realtor to make sure that what you are receiving is the best service for your needs.  Perhaps the personal recommendation to use a family member really isn’t the most beneficial.  That is why you need to talk to three agents to make sure your decision to hire an agent is an informed decision.

OK.  You lined them up. Asked all the critical questions. They all seem experienced. They come with great recommendations. Who do you choose? How about one Realtor that recognizes that home ownership is critical to you, the economy and the community. What if that Realtor had a program called My 1st Time Home Rebate?

My 1st Time Home Rebate is a great incentive for current renters and 1st Time Homebuyers. It is a rebate program in which your Realtor, lender and title company provide a rebate at closing for your new home.  But wait, it gets better. This means that you have an entire team of real estate professionals helping you with homeownership.  Does your dream home now look a whole lot better knowing that it is even more affordable?  Of course it does!

We are sure by now you are wondering what is involved with such a great program.  Well the good news is that there is no long drawn out weekly seminar that must be attended.   We are offering a FREE interactive First Time Home Buyers Clinic on Wednesday, March 21st at Keller Williams Select Realtors in Ellicott City.  Register to attend and reserve your spot to have a one on one consultation with a lender, tax adviser and a Real Estate Consultant. If you are currently renting this program is designed specifically for you.  This program does have proven results. For more information please visit our website at or .

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