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Just as it is important that your agent be informed regarding trends and market statistics in the the luxury home arena, you too should also stay on top of them as well. There is a plethora of sites and information on the Internet that will keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know and make sure you are not missing the mark when either buying or selling in the Luxury Home market.  For a Market Trend Snapshot in your ZIP, click here and create your own report.  For a copy of the National Luxury Home Market report, click here.



BlogBlog feeds are a great way to stay on top of trends and discover what is happening in both local and national markets. Click here for RSS Feeds for the Weymouth Group Blog. here you will get updates, trends, news feeds and other great information not only on the luxury market, but others as well.



Housing MarketHow’s The Market?

That’s the question this report answers for the “luxury market” nationwide, and for the luxury markets in more than 30 major metro areas.

The ILHM Luxury Market Report is a snapshot of the national luxury market.  Like the Case-Shiller Composite Index and other national indices, it is a bundle of data from markets around the country that give a simplified view and try to get at the question of what’s happening in the marketplace.

Unlike virtually all of the other reports and indices out there the ILHM Luxury Market Report is focused exclusively on THE TOP OF THE MARKET.  Trophy homes at the top of the market might be in high demand and setting new price records, while in the same city starter homes might be stagnant and seeing major downward price pressures (or vice versa).  Most major indices ignore this fact and lump all market segments together to get at some sense of overall market trends.  This report doesn’t.

In fact, it looks at just the top of the market, so that you can see more clearly what is really happening in luxury markets around the country and the overall luxury trend at the national level. For a copy of the report, fill in the contact form below and I will email it to you immediately!

The ILHM Luxury Market Report is the only real-time national index and report covering the luxury market.

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