My First Home Rebate

My 1st Home Rebate

The Weymouth Group at Keller Williams Realty Centre is proud to be an authorized agent for My1stHomeRebate.com.

7 Reasons To Buy A Home

7 Reasons To Buy A Home. Click here to download!



My1stHomeRebate.com is an a program that will assist you in your home purchase as a 1st time Home Buyer or Military family buying a home. Fill out the form below to register with The Weymouth Group’s  My1stHomeRebate.com . When you are ready to buy a home, make sure you contact us to let us know where you would like to move and when.  Depending on your purchase amount, you can receive up to $4000 in rebates*. If you are going to  purchase a New Home, there are additional incentives that you are eligible for ON TOP of the rebates. There are restrictions and limitations* plus you must register with us in order to be eligible for the rebates. If you are unsure as to whether you should purchase a home or not, click here to download 7 Reasons To Buy A Home. You will have all your concerns addressed and questions answered!

To help you along further, check out this great calculator from the New York Times. Whether renting is better than buying depends on many factors, particularly how fast prices and rents rise and how long you stay in your home. Compare the costs of buying and renting by clicking here.


house and chart 2Is now a good time to buy? What trends are affecting the value of my home? What new economic policies will be shaping my real estate decisions in the coming months?

Each month, This Month in Real Estate provides expert opinion and analysis on real estate trends across the United States and Canada. Watch the videos and read reports below for the latest market news.

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